Rich and Robin Stoloff in their home gym
Rich and Robin Stoloff in their home gym
If you are joining a gym or just getting back to the gym this fall, here is something that can help you be more successful -  get a gym partner.  My husband and I have been working out together since we met. When we were gym members, we often went togehter, even if we didn't have the same workout routine.  Since we now have a home gym, we crank up the tunes and spend time together working out there.  It is a terrific way to strengthen your relationship and it is a positive habit to enjoy for a lifetime. 
Communication is the best way to accomplish both your goals at the gym. Making plans for what you're going to do and when you're going to do it is better than just winging it. Progress only comes with consistent work, so get to planning and working together.
Here are the top three reasons to have a gym buddy:
  • Cyrus McCrimmon // Getty Images
    Cyrus McCrimmon // Getty Images

    You Will Be More Motivated

    You and your workout partner will encourage each other, and you will work a little harder. A workout partner can give you that extra boost on days you might not be at your best.
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    twinsterphoto/Getty Stock/ThinkStock

    You Will Be More Adventurous

    You can  brainstorm ideas for new workouts, You will inspire each to be more creaive and try new things.  Your workout partner might have an idea for a new execise or you could try a class together that you might not have done alone.Even if you both have different goals for what you want to do, creating a plan together can help both of you accomplish your goals.

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    You Will Be More Consistent

    When someone else is counting on you to be there,  you won’t want to let them down. By making a plan to meet or go to the gym togehter, you are much more likely to stick with it.

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