In an ambitious move, AtlantiCare, the largest healthcare organization in the region, with more than 6,500 team members, has set its sights on a visionary path. Vision 2030, a six-year initiative, represents a paradigm shift in healthcare strategy. Under the dynamic leadership of President and CEO Michael J. Charlton, AtlantiCare aims to redefine the way healthcare is delivered, measured, and experienced.  I was fortunate to join more than 300 community leaders and stakeholders this week at Boardwalk Hall for an inspiring presentation outlining AtlantiCare's initiatives, and they lived up to the billing of "Remarkable. Reimagined."

Before the main presentation, I explored AtlantiCare’s 125 years of impact showcase with the other guests. President and CEO Michael Charlton then introduced strategies for transforming healthcare in our community and nationwide. Major announcements included partnership and affiliation with Oracle Health, Drexel University, Stockton University, Cleveland Clinic Cancer Institute, and Global Neurosciences Institute. AtlantiCare also unveiled strategies to support healthcare education through AtlantiCare YOUniversity, offering reimbursement for training and education and establishing the first medical school in Atlantic City. AtlantiCare’s Vision 2030 also sets ambitious goals for achieving greater health equity... leveraging technology through “AtlantiCare Powered by Oracle Health”... and investing in behavioral health, pediatrics, cardiology, neurosciences, oncology, and orthopedics.

VISION 2030 is focused on transforming how healthcare is defined, measured, and delivered nationwide. AtlantiCare’s plan prioritizes better outcomes achieved through innovation, compassion, integrity, and humanity. Founded on AtlantiCare’s 125 years as an anchor institution in the region, VISION 2030 continues AtlantiCare’s deeply held commitment to improving health throughout its communities by anticipating and adapting to changing global, regional, and local health influences. The plan is shaped by four strategic pillars — serving the community, workplace excellence, accelerating transformation, and growing market share — each having aggressive, measurable goals.

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With 125 years as an anchor institution, AtlantiCare understands its responsibility. Vision 2030 adapts to changing global, regional, and local influences on health. and places AtlantiCare at the forefront of the evolution of healthcare. It’s a commitment to a healthier, more compassionate future where every patient’s well-being matters.

Four strategic pillars guide their journey:

  • 1

    Social Determinants of Health

    AtlantiCare commits to improving social determinants of health. By addressing factors like housing, food security, and community support, they aim to enhance overall well-being.

  • 2

    Medical Education

    Collaborating with Drexel University College of Medicine, AtlantiCare will expand medical education programs. This investment in talent development ensures a robust healthcare workforce for the future.

  • 3

    Digital Transformation

    AtlantiCare’s partnership with Oracle Health signifies a leap forward in digital transformation. Cutting-edge technology will streamline processes, enhance patient care, and drive innovation.

  • 4

    Clinical Excellence

    The region will benefit from world-renowned clinical expertise through affiliations with the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Institute and the Global Neurosciences Institute. These partnerships elevate healthcare standards.

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