Chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps, jelly beans, and a big festive holiday meal with all the trimmings – that is what many of us can expect on Easter Sunday.  With all those sweets and delicious food, it is easy to overdo it. If you celebrate the Easter holiday, you can still enjoy yourself without abandoning a healthy eating plan.  Here are some great ways to have a "hoppy" and healthy Easter!

  • Getty Images/Stephanie Mull Photography
    Getty Images/Stephanie Mull Photography

    Plan Ahead

    Since we will be surrounded by sweets and lots of rich food, save calories from the extras such as appetizers and bread.  Sure, you can indulge in some chocolate eggs – just avoid the giant chocolate bunny!

  • Getty Images/Hero Images
    Getty Images/Hero Images

    Be Active

    Squeeze in a workout, go for a walk before or after dinner. Join the kids for the Easter egg hunt and help them locate their eggs.  Resist the temptation to eat a big meal and flop on the couch. Every little bit of movement helps!

  • Getty Images/EyeEm
    Getty Images/EyeEm

    Eat Something Before Dinner

    If you sit down to dinner on an empty stomach, you'll be more likely to overeat. Be sure to eat a nutritious, yet filling breakfast and try snacking on those colorful hard-boiled eggs — one large egg has around 76 calories. It's a filling, nutritious choice.

  • Getty Images/Tom Werner
    Getty Images/Tom Werner

    Choose Wisely

    During dinner load up on the salad and veggies and go lighter on heavier meats and deserts. That does not mean to avoid them, it is a holiday after all. Just go a little easier.  Fill your plate, but don't go for seconds.

  • Getty Images/supersizer
    Getty Images/supersizer

    Celebrate the Meaning of Easter

    Redirect your focus from the food and dinner to the meaning of Easter – both the religious significance and the opportunity to spend time and enjoy family.

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