The average person spends about 10 hours a day sitting. Sitting or lying down all day can increase your risk of chronic health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Not only can it affect you physically but also mentally. It can affect your mental health and cause you to become depressed or overanalyze situations that you might not usually think of when you are up and moving. 

How exactly can this affect your body? Humans are built to stand upright. Your body works better that way. Your bowel functions are better when you are upright and your cardiovascular system. Whereas when you are up and active your overall energy levels and endurance improve, and your bones maintain strength. Over time, more sitting leads to increasingly weaker muscles and a risk of higher chronic pain throughout your body.

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    Legs and Gluteals:

    Sitting for long periods of time can lead to weakening and wasting away of the large leg and gluteal muscles.

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    Moving your muscles helps your body digests the fats and sugars you eat. If you spend a lot of time sitting digestions are not as efficient so you then retain those fats and gain weight.

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    Hips and Back:

    Sitting causes your hip flexor muscles to shorten, which can lead to problems with your hip joints.

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    Anxiety and Depression:

    People who are sitting all the time are missing the positive effects of physical activity and fitness.


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    Increases your chances of developing different types of cancer like lung, uterine, and colon cancers.

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