Whether you’re jamming out to music in your car during your commute or dancing in your living room, music is an integral part of our daily life. Some may like music more than others, but regardless of whether you’re an avid listener or not, it’s safe to say that music can not only be inspiring or affect our daily mood, but it can also be life changing for some.

With dementia and Alzheimer’s, it can be hard for those suffering from this illness to focus or perform daily tasks. Seashore Gardens Living Center is now offering music therapy to reduce the symptoms and improve the quality of life for their residents.

By using music as a therapeutic tool, these residents experience the same positive feelings that music gives the rest of us.  When trying to figure out what is best for a specific patient, both the doctor and the patient's family work together to create a specific playlist. They often focus on music from an era from a patient's younger years as well as music from life events such as weddings.

If you’d like to learn more about music therapy, or believe that someone you know or love could benefit from the different services and events Seashore Gardens Living Center provides, visit their site for more information. Check out my conversation with Alysia Price, Director of Social Services at Seashore Gardens.

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