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The bad news is that we lose between 3-5 percent of our muscle mass every decade. The good news - weight or resistance training is a fantastic way to maintain muscle and even burn some calories.Maybe you prefer not to lift weights at a gym or you don’t have the equipment you need to get started. Actually, you do, and you are walking around with it every day…it is you.

Bodyweight exercises can be extremely effective if done correctly and consistently. Push-ups, planks, and squats are just a few of the many bodyweight exercises you can do. The greatest benefits come from a compound exercise where you work multiple muscle groups at once.  The beauty of these bodyweight workouts is that they can be done from the comfort of your home, they are free and you always have your equipment with you. I recorded a short video demonstrating some of the best bodyweight exercises using just myself and the steps on my staircase. I also include some other examples below.


  • Getty Images/Hero Images
    Getty Images/Hero Images


    Planking is one of the most popular and effective body weight workouts you can do for your core. Find yourself space in your living room, bedroom, or even outside on a nice day and do a set of planks. Try to challenge yourself, and see how long you can hold a plank for!

  • Ridofranz/ TSM
    Ridofranz/ TSM


    Push-ups are a great bodyweight workout for your core and arms. You can do a variety of them. For beginners, you can do them on your knees or off a chair. A great way to try to incorporate pushups is in your living room during commercials. While you're watching your favorite show, try to get 10 pushups done while commercials are airing!

  • Anna Ostanina/ TSM
    Anna Ostanina/ TSM

    Mountain Climbers

    Mountain climbers are great for your core, endurance and leg definition. They are a burner. Try to do 3 sets of 45 seconds of mountain climbers and increase gradually as you get stronger. They can be done anywhere in your house or even outside on a nice day!

  • Antonio_Diaz/ TSM
    Antonio_Diaz/ TSM


    Crunches are a great, quick ab workout! The beauty of crunches is that you can do them literally anywhere. As mentioned with pushups, try to do a combination of both pushups and crunches during the commercials of your favorite TV show. Give yourself a challenge and try to do 100 crunches throughout the day for a month!

  • Ron Chapple Stock/ TSM
    Ron Chapple Stock/ TSM

    Floor Bridge

    Floor bridges, also known as hip thrusts are great for your core and legs. For an added challenge, you can try these with weights on your ankles or on your hip. These don't have to be dumbbells or weights from a gym. You can use a package that just came in or a sand bag!

  • Ridofranz/ TSM
    Ridofranz/ TSM


    Squats are great for your legs and booty! You can do different variations of these. For beginners, you can do chair squats. For more advance, you can try double-bounce squats or add a weight from something around your house. Try to go 3 sets of 10 every day!

  • Circle Creative Studio/ TSM
    Circle Creative Studio/ TSM


    Step-ups are an awesome bodyweight workout for your legs. You can do them on your stairs or if you have steps outside and its' nice out, you can do them outside. Try 3 sets of 10 on each leg!

  • Andrejs Pidjass/ TSM
    Andrejs Pidjass/ TSM


    Lunges are another super easy and effective bodyweight workout. They are great for leg definition, and you can do them anywhere! Try 3 sets of 10 each leg everyday! 

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