Is that 6ABC's Cecily Tynan in a print ad for Hooter's wings or is someone trying to pull one over on us?

Does Cecily have a wing-loving doppelgänger?

The Delaware Valley Facebook nation is wondering if the photo phenomenon is just a weird coincidence or some diabolical plot, and, so is the Action News meteorologist.

Tynan reposted a photo of three Hooters waitresses in what looks like an old print advertisement showing the women chowing down on Hooter's wings. (They do have some top-notch wings at Hooters!)

The odd thing about it is how much one of the waitresses looks like Cecily Tynan, the longtime meteorologist for 6 ABC's Action News.

Even Tynan couldn't believe the similarity, posting this caption to the photo on Facebook...

This was posted on my page. It’s either a fantastic photo shop job, or I have a doppelgänger who worked at Hooters. Yes, I was a waitress years ago, in my college days, but never at this restaurant! (Not that there’s anything wrong with it. I hear their wings are delicious.) LOL
Tynan seems to be enjoying the similarities between the waitress and herself and taking the photo in stride. And why not? There are much worse things your lookalike could be doing than eating hot wings in a Hooters uniform.
But, boy, does that waitress look like the 6ABC weather person!
Those commenting on Cecily's post seem to agree...
She really does look like you! WOW
Cecily! Just admit you were a Hooters girl!!😂 It’s okay!! We’ll still love you❤️
 From hot wings to hot forecasts
Definitely not you Cecily but a good match. You know what they say... We all have a double... And YOU are the prettiest!
You are a good sport. Well done.

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