The poor cicada.  They spend years in the ground, out of sight, minding their own business.

Then, after about 17 years, they emerge from the ground, by the billions, now with wings, and all they want is a little nookie nookie.

They sing loudly as they try to attract a mate.  When they finally do hook up, they wind up dying after a few weeks, and their offspring are left underground to repeat the cycle.

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Humans make a big deal about the arrival of cicadas.

Someone, somewhere decided it would be cool to eat one.

Now, they have become somewhat of a delicacy.

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Are Cicadas Safe to Eat

According to the Cleveland Clinic, cicadas are safe for most people to eat.  They contain nutrients, minerals, and proteins.

The clinic warns that people with shellfish allergies should stay away from them.

They also suggest that pregnant women, and women who are lactating should not eat them, nor should young children or people susceptible to gout.

Honestly, I can't imagine eating bugs, but apparently many people do.

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Caution When Preparing Cicadas

Experts at The Food Network warn you that you shouldn't eat cicadas found in your garden.

Rather, they suggest you purchase them from a reputable vendor (who knew?)

When preparing cicadas, they say you should treat them the same as you would raw chicken.  Also, don't eat uncooked cicadas.

As for the taste?  They say cicadas have a "nutty" taste, and "shrimp-like" quality.

Menu Ideas

There are many different ways that people prepare cicadas for mealtime.  I haven't tried any myself.

If you feel compelled to see what cicadas taste like for yourself, you can find some recipe ideas at The Food Network.

Who will be the first to try them as a pizza topping?

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