Absecon Police are reinforcing the regulations on behavior at the Faunce Landing Road bulkhead after reports of drinking, drug use, and lewd acts have been reported.

Absecon Police Address Concerns About Behavior at the Bulkhead

In a Facebook post on Monday, Absecon Police addressed concerns that have been reported about bad behavior at Absecon's public boat ramp on East Faunce Landing Road.

According to the social media post, there have been complaints about lewd acts, drinking, drug use, loud noise, and littering in the park.

Police install More Surveillance Cameras at Bulkhead

Absecon Police say they have installed additional surveillance cameras at the Fuance Landing Road bulkhead to better enforce the rules and they plan to increase patrols in the area to ensure that the park is not used from 11 pm until sunrise, except for boat ramp users.

The city of Absecon first installed cameras on Fuance Landing Road and Turner Avenue in 2017 when they received complaints about people misbehaving at Faunce Landing..

The Popularity of Boat Ramp Requires Oversight

The popularity of the Absecon boat ramp has necessitated more attention from police over the last several years, with issues including boaters exceeding the no-wake speeds, parking problems, and an increase in traffic.

Police are trying to control these issues while advocating for the responsible use of the boat ramp to encourage residents and visitors to patronize local restaurants and businesses.

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