“I sleep alone, so you can sleep safe.” An unknown police spouse.

Police work is dangerous work and the people who do it know that any day could be their last day.

Things are no different for the men and women who work on police forces around South Jersey. This is a tribute to South Jersey police officers who have tragically died in the line of duty.

Where Are These Police Officers From?

The police officers we focused on worked on police forces in Atlantic, Cape May, and Cumberland or lower Ocean counties.

When Did These Police Officers Die in the Line of Duty?

These officers died over the last 133 years - as far back as they have kept records about such things. The first of the deaths happened to Atlantic City Policeman Peter Brewer in 1890. The most recent death occurred when Bridgeton Police Officer Sean Peek died in September 2020.

How Did These Officers Die?

In a variety of ways, with most being murdered or killed unintentionally while on duty.

How Was This Information Compiled?

Almost without fail, I relied on the website "Officer Down Memorial Page" or odmp.org, for the information included about these officers. The site has detailed information about every police officer across America on-duty death.

The website is quite informative but is certainly sad reading. All of these officers left behind family, children, and loved ones. Many of those loved ones have come to the site to leave their thoughts about the officer they know who died in the line of duty.


South Jersey Police Who Tragically Died in the Line of Duty

This is a tribute to South Jersey police officers who tragically have died in the line of duty.

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