Social media has been buzzing with parents and community members wondering what happened at Egg Harbor Township High School on Tuesday, February 13th.

As is usually the case, whenever police are called out to a school, there's lots of speculation.  Most of the speculation is usually incorrect.  In this case, there was no danger, and it was a false alarm.

Police and school authorities are to be commended for a quick, organized response.  It's reassuring that God forbid there was a situation, everyone had their act together.

These are the facts, as relayed by the Atlantic County Sheriff's office.

On Tuesday morning, February 13th, police responded to a bomb threat at Egg Harbor Township High School.

Photo: Atlantic County Sheriff's Office
Photo: Atlantic County Sheriff's Office

Officer Kleinow responded to the scene with a K-9 Loki.  According to a statement from the Atlantic County Sheriff's Office,

officers ranging from the Atlantic City Police to the Cape May County Sheriff’s Officer. In addition to this, the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office worked in conjunction with the Egg Harbor Police Department and other local agencies. Due to his vast knowledge, training, and experience in conducting explosive detection sweeps Officer Kleinow along with the Captain of the Atlantic City Bomb Squad efficiently and confidently executed a plan without delay. All K-9 units were dispersed throughout the building and security officers of the school were assigned to all areas of note, keeping the situation safe and linear. The coordinated efforts of all K-9 Units on the scene at the direction of Officer Kleinow resulted in a strategic, efficient, and expedited effort that cleared the property without public fear or panic.

An investigation is underway to find who was responsible for calling in the threat.

Atlantic County Sheriff's Office

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