Police from Stafford Township, Barnegat Township, and the New Jersey State Police spent hours on Tuesday afternoon trying to locate the source of a distress signal received from an unknown aircraft east of Warren Grove.

The cause of the distress signal is still not known.

The FAA Received a Distress Signal From an Unknown Aircraft

According to a Facebook post on Tuesday from Stafford Township Police, the FAA received a distress signal at about 3:15 pm from an unknown aircraft in a rural area east of Warren Grove

Warren Grove is an unincorporated community that is a part of Stafford Township, Barnegat Township, and Little Egg Harbor Township in Ocean County.

There had been no confirmation that an aircraft had crashed.

Police responded using a helicopter, drones, ATVs, forest fire vehicles, and officers on foot to search the area.

No Sign of a Plane Was Found

After an extensive search with limited information on an exact location, authorities complete their search without finding anything.

According to Stafford Township Police, there was never a confirmed report that an aircraft crashed, they found no further evidence of any crash, and there haven’t been any reports of any flights overdue at their destination.

Police say the investigation into the cause of the distress signal is ongoing.

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