We see them on stage and television, and it's easy to forget that they are human.

The stars we pay to watch, have many of the same problems we do.

This is especially true when it comes to family.

Unlike the average person, many times, when stars have family issues, it's out in the open for all to see.

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Such is the case for 90-year-old New Jersey singing legend Frankie Valli.

A permanent restraining order was granted against his son, Francesco.

The restraining order came after an alleged incident at the elder Valli's home on April 5th.

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Francesco, 36, allegedly tried to break into his father's home, and according to court papers, he threatened to harm or kill him.

The court documents were filed by another of Frankie's sons, Emilio.

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Emilio claimed in the papers that his brother was addicted to drugs and had been selling off their father's belongings to help support his addiction.

Emilio said that their father had been providing financial support to his son, but he is concerned about his son's addiction.

Further financial help is contingent on his son getting help from a residential drug program.

The restraining order was granted by a Los Angeles County Court, and requires Francesco to have no contact with Frankie or Emilio for three years, and must stay at least 100 feet away from his father.

Franki Vallie has six kids from four marriages.

Frankie Valli protected from son by permanent restraining order after threats of 'physical violence' | Fox News

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