Classic cars, hot rods, muscle cars, Corvettes, street rods. Over the years, just about any kind of popular vehicle you can think of has been displayed with a show on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

Except one, it would appear. The first-ever Roadster Rally -- a celebration of the two-seater convertible-- takes a starring role this Saturday.

What Is a Roadster?

A Roadster is an open two-seat car with an emphasis on its sporting appearance or character.

They say that initially, "roadster" was an American term for a two-seat car with no weather protection, but the term evolved to include all two-seat convertibles.

The Ocean City Roadster Rally

Proud owners of these vintage vehicles will put them on display this Saturday, May 11 from noon to 5 pm on the Ocean City Boardwalk between Sixth and 14th streets.

The cars will be judged and trophies will be awarded at the end of the day.

What Kind of Cars Will Be Featured?

Featured cars will include a Ferrari, Jaguar, Corvette Lamborghini, MG, and Triumph among other makes and models.

I would go just to see a 1971 British racing green Triumph Spitfire convertible like the one I owned shortly after college. There was never a car that was so fun to drive and completely silly and expensive to own.

Roadsters Have Fallen Out of Fashion

Sales of compact roadsters and other types of convertibles have fallen in the United States in recent years as automakers turn their attention to making more electric vehicles and SUVs.

They've become more of a novelty on the road but are still widely appreciated for their pep and craftsmanship.

Go check out a full variety of Roadsters on Saturday in Ocean City.

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