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As a fan of the hit Apple TV series Ted Lasso, I was happy to see some cast members visiting the Whitehouse recently to shine a light on mental health. Actor Jason Sudeikis plays an American football coach who goes to the UK to coach soccer. Although he knows nothing about the sport, he knows how to bring out the best in people with his kindness and upbeat outlook.  However, the show also focuses on serious issues, such as mental health. During the Whitehouse press conference, Sudeikis discussed the need to seek help and reduce the stigma around mental health.  also struggles with mental health issues.

An increasing number of adults and teens report feelings of hopelessness and depression. We are in an unprecedented mental health crisis. For this reason, the federal government is investing billions in connecting more Americans to care and strengthening our mental health system.

If you or someone you love, text or call 988 for the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.

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