Let’s face it, we all have too much stuff in our bathroom closets and cabinets. However, there are actually items in our bathroom that are not meant to be stored in that moist, warm environment. In fact, they could even be harmful if we keep them in our bathroom or store them for too long. Most medications do not do well in a moist humid environment. It also raises the question - when should we get rid of our expired or overused bathroom products?  Here is a list of some common items that you should throw away today.

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    Loofahs may be convenient to use, but have you ever thought about how much bacteria, fungi, and mildew builds up on them if they are not not switched out from time to time? Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research in Dermatology at Mount Sinai, says that loofahs easily attract fungi because they sit in a wet bathroom environment. He also says that these bacteria can lead to skin infections.

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    Prescription Medications

    Shilpi Agarwal, family medicine physician says, “Condensation can affect potency and make medication go bad quickly.” She also mentions that you should throw away any medication that is past expiration, so get to cleaning out that cabinet!

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    Neosporin and other antibacterial ointments lose their effectiveness within three months of their expiration date. Check your ointments’ expirations and get rid of any of the ones that are well-past their due date to hit the garbage can! 

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    Surprisingly, you should not store tampons under the sink (where most people store them). Dr. Mary L. Rosser, Director of obstetrics and gynecology at Montefiore Health System in NY, warns that since under the sink can also be a moist area, bacteria or mold can also grow on them.

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    Razor blades

    This should pretty much go without saying, but you should throw away that old razor with dull blades. Overused razors can cause razor burns or even infection. You should be replacing your razor or blades every two to three weeks. 

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    Acne Medications/Treatments

    Spot treatments usually last between 3-6 months, says Dr. Zeichner. After that time, the treatment becomes less effective and may be harmful to your skin. 

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