Every year millions of people put off their holiday shopping until the very last minute.  In fact, about one out three people are holiday procastinators. Does this sound like you?  Why not make this year different?

Instead of focusing on the fun of the holidays such as  parties or family get-togethers, you are stressing out, going to stores, and rushing around looking for the perfect gift.  Last minute shopping takes a toll on your health as well as your wallet.  People tend to spend more when they wait to buy their presents.

Although you can shop online, that can also lead to proscrastination. Since many onloine retailers offer  free two day shipping, it makes it evenmore tempting to wait till the last minute. Then you still need to organize everything and wrap the gifts, and you never know iwhen that hot gift could be out of stock.

Black Friday deals are often extended through this week and Cyber Monday offers great online sales.   You may spend a lot in one day, but it is easier to stick to a budget when you do it all at once and the majority of your shopping will be out of the way. Here are three reasons to get your holiday shopping done early.  Here are three ways to end the procrastination, save money and enjoy the holidays even more this year.

  • 1

    Get Organized

    Set an early deadline and make a list  and get organized. Don't you just love that feeling when the holiday shopping is finally done? You feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders and now you can focus on just being with family. Many people have stress levels through the roof at this time of year because of their own procrastination. Treat yourself to a less stressful holiday while treating your family and friends with great gifts!

  • 2

    Set a Budget and Get the Deals

    Set your budget for each person on your list and stick with it.  Get your shopping done all at once and it is easier to keep track of it.  The best holiday deals always come near Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is when to get the most bang for your buck.  The closer it gets to the holidays, the more likely you are to spend more money because you just want the right gift. You can always worry about the credit card bills later, right? Wrong. Don't extend your stress passed the New Year.

  • 3

    Make Time for Friends and Family

    Your relationship with your family and friends is  very important and the holidays are great time to appreciate each other.  If you are busy shopping late in the season, then you are going to miss out on spending time with the kids who are on their winter break.  Get the shopping out of the way and plan somethng fun with people you love.

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