We always hear that olive oil is great for us! But did you know the type of olive oil and the way you store it can make a difference? If you want to buy the healthiest and least processed olive oil, extra virgin olive oil is the way to go.  It offers good fatty acids and antioxidants.

However, that is not all to think about. Believe it or not, the size and color of the bottle and how often it is used are other factors to consider. A darker bottle is better since exposure to sunlight can cause olive oil to go bad. That is also why you should store it in the cupboard and not on the counter. 

Also, try not to store olive oil too long or it can spoil. Once opened, it should be consumed within a month. Unopened bottles can be kept in the cupboard for up to two years.  Also, olive oil has a lower smoke point than other oils which means it is more likely to burn at lower temps. Just be sure not to crank up the heat too high.

Even though olive oil is healthy it is still high in calories.  One tablespoon is 100 calories so we should still use it sparingly. In addition to cooking and salad dressing, there are many other great uses for olive oil. Here are five tips on how to buy and use olive oil. 

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    Only Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Extra virgin olive oil is the least processed olive oil you can find. As a result, it holds maximum flavor and health benefits too! Extra virgin olive oil has great fatty acids and antioxidants as well.

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    Never Buy a Clear Bottle

    Light, heat, and air all have negative effects on olive oil. Try to purchase olive oil stored in a dark, tinted bottle. If the option is available, olive oil holds its flavor and nutrients best in a metal tin.

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    Check the Harvest Date

    As is true with most food, the expiration date is important, but not nearly as important as the harvest date! The best brands of olive oil will have the harvest date listed. Olive oil is usually good for 2-3 years after harvest.



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    Use It Often

    There are several ways you can use olive oil. It can be used to cook, garnish, marinade, and more. Did you know that olive oil, honey, and a beaten egg can make a great face mask? It is also great to use to moisturize skin.

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    Do NOT Buy in Bulk

    Although buying a lot of olive oil at once can get you the best deal, it is important to maintain freshness.  Once the jar is open, it is best to use it within 6 weeks. The maximum amount of time to have the bottle open before finishing it is 3 months.