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Earbuds are one of the most convenient technical inventions. It is incredible that all that sound can come through those tiny little things. However, if you use earbuds every day, you could be putting yourself at risk for hearing damage. 

Because they fit so snuggly in our ears, there is little to no room for them to move around, which causes them to rub and damage the inside of our ears.

They’re also so close to our ears that if we turn the sound up, we are causing stress on the eardrums and brain. This stress can damage our eardrums which in turn causes long-term hearing loss. Here's how you can avoid this damage to your ears.

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    Over time our brain gets used to the constant volume and begins to drain out some of the sounds. This is why we might catch ourselves increasing the volume over time. This increase in volume damages your eardrums and causes stress on your brain. This stress can cause hearing loss over time.  To protect yourself set the volume limit under headphones in your phone settings.

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    Headphone vs Earbuds

    Using headphones over earbuds will help prevent damage to the inside of your ears.  Earbuds rub against the inside of our ear, which can cause swelling and even tiny tears. Earwax on the earbuds can infect the cuts and cause ear pain. Wearing headphones will reduce the risk of rubbing and swelling, saving our ears from long-term damage.

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    Taking Breaks

    Wearing earbuds or headphones for long periods causes slight pressure in our ears. The constant sound and vibration pressing against our eardrums can create stress on our brains. Taking breaks from earbuds or headphones can help reduce this stress.

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