A new season gives us an opportunity to create new positive habits or eliminate negative ones. One of the habits that we might re-examine is our dependence on technology. If you think it is time for a digital detox, Here are 4 steps to get started with a digital detox challenge.

1: Delete distracting and unproductive apps: If we ever plan to do some spring cleaning, suggest that you start with your phone. We should delete any apps that cause a distraction for us.

2: Designate device free zones. For example, if you scroll in bed at night, charge your phone in another room.

3: Schedule internet time outs: We should be in control of our own devices and not let them take over our lives. If we need to get something done that doesn’t require technology, we should consider giving our devices a break for one hour.

4: Give your screen time a purpose: Be aware of all the times you pick up your phone because you’re bored or just out of habit.

Reducing our dependence on our digital devices can help free us up to enjoy the real world.

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