Do you have a favorite fruit? If your answer isn't cherries, then perhaps it should be. Some healthy foods only have one taste, so if you don’t like them, you may have to try different nutritious foods. That is not the case with cherries since they can be sweet, sour, or somewhere in between. If that’s not enough, cherries come with incredible health benefits. Here are three of the top ones.

  • Credit: BreakingTheWalls/ThinkStock/GettyImages
    Credit: BreakingTheWalls/ThinkStock/GettyImages

    Vitamin C

    Cherries are a good source of vitamin C. Our body needs vitamin C for multiple functions, such as the formation of blood vessels, cartilage, and collagen in our bones just to name a few of the things your body uses vitamin C for. Eating foods with vitamin C is essential because human bodies don’t naturally produce it.

  • Credit: g215/ThinkStock/GettyImages
    Credit: g215/ThinkStock/GettyImages


    Cherries have potassium in them, too. Potassium helps your cells absorb nutrients and remove waste. Potassium also helps counter the effects of sodium which benefits the wellness of your blood pressure.

  • Credit: moodboard/Getty Stock/ThinkStock
    Credit: moodboard/Getty Stock/ThinkStock

    Vitamin B6

    Cherries also have vitamin B6 in them.  Vitamin B6 helps support the wellness of your nervous system, immune system, and brain development.

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