When I read that Ray Wagner from Somers Point had won the 3rd Annual Clay's Climate Control First Responders Furnace Giveaway, I had to pause for a minute because I was fairly certain that I had heard Ray's name before.

It turns out that I had written an article in 2019 congratulating Ray and his brother Nick for being named the Somers Point Volunteers of the Year.

At the time, I wrote...

"The Somers Point Community Education and Recreation Department had actually changed the award to allow Nick and Ray to win the award jointly.

The Facebook post pointed out that the Wagner brothers are lifelong residents of Somers Point and have been coaching and involved with volunteer recreation for over ten years.

According to the Facebook post on the Somers Point Community Education and Recreation page,  the award was changed to allow Nick and Ray to win a joint award."

Their commitments include coaching and serving on the boards for hockey, football and little league. This year, they worked hard to help revive the SP Travel Basketball program. A celebration banquet will be held later in the spring, more details to follow. Thank you both for everything you do!!

Clay's Climate Control also decided to honor Ray Wagner for his work on the Atlantic City Police force and his community spirit in Somers Point

"In honor of National First Responders Day, we are excited to announce Ray Wagner of Somers Point, NJ, as the winner of our 3rd Annual First Responders Furnace Giveaway!

Ray has worked in the Atlantic City Police Department for 20 years and was the recipient of the 20188 Somers POint Volunteer of the Year Award. In addition to his dedication to public safety, Ray has volunteered in his community's youth sports programs for over 10 years, including coaching football and street hockey and serving sports team boards. Ray is a true hero in our community and we are thrilled to girt him and his family with a free furnace.

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations of their local first responders!"

Well said, Clay's Climate Control!

Let me add my congratulations to Ray Wagner for winning the First Responder Contest and for being such a valuable member of the community, both at work and in his volunteering efforts as well.

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