Soon the 2018/19 school year will be in full swing with the Summer of 2018 winding down and the big Labor Day Weekend right around the corner.

The folks at Best Colleges For Your Money have released a list of the best schools in the Garden State for your hard earned money according to The list is comprised of how much tuition will cost for the 2018/2019 school year, graduation rate and how much students will earn after graduating.

My son Josh, just graduated from Rowan University. He had his heart set on the University of Delaware early in his college search until we stated adding up numbers   on how much it would cost financially for 4 years. He's so glad he made the decision to attend Rowan instead of UDEL. He thoroughly enjoyed his college experience at Rowan.

Rowan University makes the list at #7 and #182 nationally for the best college in the state for your money with an annual tuition of $31,800. Rowan graduates can expect an early average career salary of $48,800.

Stockton University ranks #10 in the state and #218 nationally. The average tuition for 2018/19 is $31,000 and a early average career salary of $44.500.

Number 1 on the list in the Garden State and nationally is Princeton University.The average tuition cost is $67,000 and a Princeton grad can expect an average early career salary of $69,800.


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