The SATs or Scholastic Aptitude Test is like the Super Bowl of education.  It's the big game.  It's the thing we seem to prepare for the whole time we're in high school.

I remember taking my SATs.  I wasn't the kind of kid who could be told to sit in a room for 4 hours and fill in those tiny circles with my number two pencil.  The results of my test were not something I like to think about.  I want to point out that despite my embarrassing SAT scores, I've done pretty well in life.

Fair or not, it's amazing the power these tests have over every kid's future.  Do well and it opens the doors to many colleges.  Do poorly, and your choices narrow.

There are parents who spend hundreds of dollars on tutors and organizations to help their kids prepare for the test.

These days, there's a growing number of colleges that have dropped SAT scores from their application process.

new report is out that uses results from the class of 2022's SAT scores to rank the top 30 states by SAT scores.  It turns out New Jersey did well.  Very well, in fact.

New Jersey students, with a combined score of 1079 ranked eleventh in the country.  They scored 537 in Math and 543 in what they call "Evidence-based reading and writing." This is a combination of a reading test, writing test, and language test.

Not all students take the test.  Here in New Jersey, 63% of our students took the test.  That's the highest percentage of students in any of the top 15 states.

Pennsylvania students were ranked 9th on the list with a combined score of 1091.

The top school on the list is Oregon.  They scored a combined 1143.

The state with the highest SAT scores in America—plus, see if yours made the top 30 (

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