Watch out, Gordon Ramsey and Martha Stewart. Stand aside, Guy Fieri and Bobby Flay.

Here comes Leo Hernandez with his Frushi recipe.

Leo, a 5th grade at Marie Durand Elementary School in Vineland,  is a semi-finalist in the Future Chefs National Challenge 2023. He is one of five fledgling young chefs from across America to advance after his recipe impressed judges.

Leo's won for his creative Frushi (Fruit Sushi) dish. This unique dish combines fresh fruit such as strawberries and kiwi with cucumbers and cream cheese for a healthy twist on a classic favorite.

The competition, sponsored by the national food and facilities management company, Sodoxo, is intended to celebrate the creativity and culinary skills of young chefs from across the country.

Hundreds of students from over 200 school districts participated in local competitions in March, concocting delicious recipes to try to impress the judges. After a rigorous judging process, five young chefs have advanced and one of them is Leo Hernandez!

The judges were impressed with Leo's ability to think outside the box when it comes to creating new dishes that combine flavors from different cultures or cuisines.

Leo will now compete with the four other semi-finalists in national online voting beginning May 5th.

Okay, South Jersey. It's time to rally around Vineland's Leo Hernandez and his super-creative Frushi dish!

Get ready to vote early and often and good luck to Leo!

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