While spring is knocking on the door, we are still in the midst of flu season. The flu really takes a toll on the body and you have no choice but to ride it out until the end. But what if there were ways to ease your symptoms and help you get through the flu? Here are some tips on how you can ease those symptoms and manage the flu in a better way. 

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    Use Over The Counter Medicine

    While there is no medicine to take to treat the flu there are many you can pick up to treat the individual symptoms. Pick up a cough medicine and some lozenges to sooth your cough and throat. You can also get over the counter medicine to treat body aches and fever like ibuprofen. 

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    Sit In a Steamy Bathroom

    If you are suffering from a stuffy nose, you can head into your bathroom, shut the door and turn the shower on hot and just let the steam fill the room and clear your sinuses.

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    Invest In a Humidifier

    The best thing you can do for congestion and a cough is to plug in a humidifier. Breathing in dry air will make these symptoms worse, but by adding moisture to the air you can ease a cough and help clear out congestion. An air purifier is another good investment if you are coughing or stuffy. 


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