Having the motivation to go to the gym is hard sometimes and it can be more difficult is to maintain that momentum.. Having fun during your workout can make a huge difference in your overall happiness and health.

We've got some great tips to keep your workout interesting and spark your motivation!

  • Young beautiful girl happy and dancing - Think Stock
    Young beautiful girl happy and dancing - Think Stock

    Listen to Music

    Listen to music while working out can really motivate you during your workout. Make sure that you really like what you're listening to because that can really make the difference between a fun workout and a boring one.

  • Jupiterimages - Think Stock
    Jupiterimages - Think Stock

    Change Up Your Workout

    Listen to music that you while you work out and change your playlist from time to time so you don’t hear the same songs over and over.

  • Photos.com - Think Stock
    Photos.com - Think Stock

    Bring a Friend

    Bring a friend when you go to the gym, it will hold both of you accountable to go and you will have someone to talk to while you work out.

  • Grata Victoria - Think Stock
    Grata Victoria - Think Stock

    Document Your Progress

    Keeping track of your weight or physique through a journal or pictures can really keep you motivated and can be fun too! Being able to see the progress you've made can make a big difference.

  • Andres Rodriguez - Think Stock
    Andres Rodriguez - Think Stock

    Take a Class

    If your gym offers classes try taking some if your workout is getting stale. These could be spin classes or yoga or whatever peaks your interest. The important part is that you enjoy the class you take and it isn't something you would normally do at the gym.

  • shutter_m - Think Stock
    shutter_m - Think Stock

    Try a Fitness App

    If you have a smartphone or a smartwatch there are dozen of apps to help you with your fitness whether you have an apple or an android. These apps can range to keeping track of your routine, to a personal trainer, and even games while you run!

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