Right about this time we can start to feel our New Year’s resolutions slipping away. A new poll shows that the first week of February is when most people call it quits on their resolution— but 68% report giving up their resolutions even sooner than that. Why is it so tough?  Several reasons - we set  a goal that's too vague or have unrealistic expectations such as losing forty pounds by spring (seriously?).

However, the biggest obstacle is turning our goals into immediate action and developing a plan to stick with it. One tip is to turn your goal into something positive. For instance,  instead of saying your goal is to eliminate certain foods to lose weight, maybe you commit to eating more fruits and vegetables with each meal.  Here are a few more tips to help you finally stick with it this year. 

  • 1

    Write Down Your Goals

    Studies show we are more likely to follow through with something when we write it down so keep your vision in front of you.

  • 2

    Have A Plan

    Don't just say you want to lose weight, break it down into action.  For instance, plan out your meals and days you want to exercise and stick with it like you would stick with any other appointment.

  • 3

    Know Your Why

    What do you really want to achieve and why is it important to you?  Ask yourself how motivated you actually are and decide what you are willing to do to reach your goals.

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