Pesticides in our fruits and vegetables are not anything new, but can we do to avoid them if possible? Thankfully the EPA established the Food Quality Protection Act in 1996 which limits the amount and strength of the pesticides allowed on US farms. But pesticides in our food are still very much a worry.

The easiest solution is to buy organic which won’t have any pesticides or chemical fertilizer in them at all, but because of that they are usually much more expensive.

Monkey Business Images - Think Stock
Monkey Business Images - Think Stock

 A good way to be sure to limit pesticides in your produce is to thoroughly  wash your fruits and veggies before eating or cooking with them. One of the “high risk” foods with the most pesticides are strawberries because they are hard to grow. Aim for more of a “low risk” food like apples which generally have less chemicals in them. Some other "low risk" produce are: avocado, asparagus, bananas, blueberries, and mushrooms. Other "high risk" foods are: carrots, cherry tomatoes, cranberries, green beans, and hot peppers. Be sure to avoid these "high risk" produce or buy organic to avoid any pesticides. 

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