I don't know about you, but I rarely answer my phone unless I recognize the number.

Day after day, I get at least three or four calls from unknown numbers.  On the rare occasions I do answer, it's become a form of entertainment for me to play with these scammers.

I'll give them this, some of these scammers are quite creative in the way they approach me.  The problem is that too many people fall for the cons, and when they do, the results could be devastating.

Atlantic County Sheriff, Joe O'Donoghue is warning residents of yet another scam to reach our area.

The way the new scam works is an official-sounding individual will call a target, and inform them that they missed an appointment with the grand jury.

The target is then informed a warrant has been issued for their arrest.

The scammer sounds credible because they give the target personal information like past addresses or phone numbers.  It's understandable why someone might fall for this.

However, the scammer will then ask the target for stuff like driver's license information or even passport information.

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The sheriff wants you to know that if there were a warrant for your arrest, they would never call you.

You'd get a visit from one of his deputies who would place you under arrest.

Further, they would never request banking information or any other personal information, nor would they ask you to make an electronic payment at a local store like Walgreens or Family Dollar.

The sheriff says that if you have any questions regarding a jury or grand jury, you can call 609-402-0100 extension 47930.  That is the number of Jury Management staff.

It's a good rule of thumb to never give any personal information to anyone who calls you.

We've done several stories about phone scams, and one thing we've learned is that scammers tend to prey on older folks who may be less inclined to understand how some of this technology works.

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The calls can sound very convincing and professional.

We advise you to have a conversation with older family members to help them understand how dangerous these calls are.

Once you give them your personal information, they can clean out your bank account in minutes.  Don't be a victim.

If you ever question a call you receive, you can contact the Atlantic County Sheriff's Office at 609-909-7200.

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