Mark your calendars! This year's Family Health and Fitness Day USA takes place on September 29th. It is a reminder to us parents that the best way to make sure our kids are healthy is to get out and get active.

Parents, it is our job and responsibility to do all we can to ensure our kids are happy and healthy.  As a mom of two kids, I do my best to set a good example and help my kids learn good health habits and make positive choices.

Whether your kids are involved in sports, dance or other activities, talk to them about the benefits of physical fitness adn good nutrition. Turn of the TV, cell phone and tablet. Set good examples for your kids so they can learn good health and fitness habits for life. So grab the family and those running shoes, and head on over to your nearest park! Here are some ways to get youf family moving on Family Health and Fitness Day.

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    The simplest activities such as taking a walk can make such a huge difference in your health. Take your family to the nearest park and walk around. Keep those muscles moving and that heart pumping!

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    For a change of pace from a walk and a little more intense workout, why not go for a bike ride! It's something the whole family can do together. Spending time together and working out those leg muscles couldn't get any better than that!

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    As the weather cools off, you can find an indoor pool in your area to take the kids for a fun family swim. It is easy on the body and the kids will love it.

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    There are many sports you can play with your family. Try soccer, kickball, or softball. Other sports the whole family can enjoy are volleyball, tennis, or frisbee. Just get out and move.

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    For those adventurous families, trying something new to get active is always an option. Try kayaking, rafting, or for those daring families, scuba diving.

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