What is the best mascot in all of the professional sports?

There are plenty to choose from, certainly.

In Philadelphia alone, you have a lot of all-stars.

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The Phillies have one of the oldest and most recognizable mascots in pro sports. The Phillie Phinatic has been leading the cheers for the Phillies since the late 1970s!

Colorado Rockies v Philadelphia Phillies
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The Eagles have Swoop. According to Wikipedia, Swoop's been on the scene since 2005.

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
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The 76ers have Franklin the Dog, who's been around since 2015. While he's extremely fun and lovable - he's probably not the most well-known Philly sports mascot.

Brooklyn Nets v Philadelphia 76ers
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Then, there's Gritty. The youngest mascot in Philadelphia sports is only about 5 years old. Already, though, the googly-eyed one has captured the hearts of sports fans alike throughout the region.

2022 NHL All-Star Skills
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Where do they stand nationwide, though? Our friends at StudyFinds.org studied 10 sports-review websites to determine which NFL mascots are the best nationwide.

Even though he's a hockey team's mascot, They did give a special shout-out to Gritty, saying he, "effortlessly blends humor and sportsmanship."

The Philadelphia Eagles mascot Swoop did make the list. Swoop came in #5 on the list. StudyFinds quotes Sports Keeda by saying, "The name ‘Swoop’ fits perfectly, and he is known for his stunts during Eagles games, such as zip-lining across Lincoln Financial Field and parachuting into the stadium."

The rest of the Top 5 List of Best NFL Mascots:

1. Billy Buffalo (Buffalo Bills)

2. Big Red (Arizona Cardinals)

3. Staley Da Bear (Chicago Bears)

4. Blitz (Seattle Seahawks)

If you find yourself thinking, I never even heard of these mascots - there's probably a good reason. As football fans, we tend to be hyper-focused on our team - and heck with all the rest.

You're still #1 in our book, Swoop!

SOURCE: StudyFinds.org

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