Scenes for the film A Complete Unknown will be shot in Cape May beginning on Sunday, May 12th.

Here's information about the movie, who is starring in it, and where it's being filmed in Cape May.

What is the Movie Being Filmed in Cape May?

A Complete Unknown tells the story of the young Bob Dylan's life and music.

The film focuses on the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, where Dylan famously played an electric guitar onstage, angering some fans over his switch from acoustic folk to electrically amplified instruments.

The Newport Folk Festival was also the first time he performed his song “Like a Rolling Stone” live, a song from which the upcoming biopic gets its title.

Cape May is being used as a stand-in for Newport, Rhode Island in scenes depicting the 1965 Newport Folk Festival.

Who Stars in the Movie?

A Complete Unknown stars the Oscar-nominated Timothée Chalamet as legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. Chalamet recently starred in the blockbuster sequel "Dune: Part Two ".

It was first announced in 2020 that director James Mangold planned to write and direct a biopic about Bob Dylan, with Timothée Chalamet cast as Dylan. That movie is finally being made, with some local scenes being shot.

Mangold also directed Walk the Line, the film about the young life of singer-songwriter Johnny Cash.

The cast includes Elle Fanning, Edward Norton, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Nick Offerman. A Complete Unknown does not yet have a release date.

The film will also include several South Jersey locals as extras. The production company with the shoot was very interested in involving locals acting like locals with a 1960s look.

There should be some fascinating people watching in Cape May over the next week.

When and Where is the Movie Being filmed in Cape May?

The movie will be filmed in Cape May from Sunday, May 12th through Friday, May 17th, during any of these dates and times, according to information provided by the Washington Street Mall:

-Sunday, May 12 from 9 am to 9 pm

-Monday, May 13 from 5 am to 11 pm

-Tuesday, May 14 at 7 am to Wednesday, May 15 at 1 am

-Wednesday, May 15 at 8 am to Thursday, May 16 at 3 am

-Thursday, May 16 at 4 pm to Friday, May 17 at 6 am

-Friday, May 17 from 12 pm to 8 pm

Where Will the Movie Be Filmed In Cape May?

The information provided by the Washington Street Mall says the filming on the Mall will take place on the 300 blocks of Washington Street, Carpenters Lane, and Lyle Lane, as well as the adjoining portion of Perry Street.

Production assistants are expected to be stationed on the Mall to hold any pedestrians until the filming of a take is complete. 

Other than the Washington Street Mall, filming or movie-related work is possible in any of the following locations:

-Perry St. from Beach Ave. to North St.
-Beach Ave. from Decatur St. to Grant St.
-Lafayette St. from Perry St. to Congress St.
-Congress Place from Perry St. to Congress St.
-Congress St. from Beach Ave. to S. Lafayette St.
-Carpenters Lane from Jackson St. to Perry St.
-Lyle Lane from Jackson St. to Perry St.
-Mansion St. from Jackson St. to Perry St.
-Chestnut St.
-Jackson Street Parking Lot
-Bank Street Parking Lot


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