Our government seems to be involved in such a large part of our lives.

There seem to be regulations for everything.

Yet, you have to wonder why things we are told are safe to eat here, are banned in other countries.

Here in America, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for establishing and enforcing standards that make food and other items safe for us.

Yet a surprising number of things are available here in America but are banned in other countries.

Farm-Raised Salmon

Farm-raised salmon is one such item we consume every day in our country.  Wild-caught salmon is great for our health.

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It's high in Omega-3 fatty acids.  It's good for your heart.

However, farm-raised salmon is fed something called, Astaxanthin.  It's what gives the salmon its coral color.

Salmon fed this chemical is banned in Australia and New Zealand.


According to The Daily Meal, nearly 80 percent of the pigs in America are fed a hormone called, Ractopamine.

This is a hormone that promotes weight gain and leanness in livestock.

Most of Europe and Taiwan have banned meat containing this hormone due to evidence that it can cause cardiovascular problems and hyperactivity in humans.

Pillsbury Biscuits

You may love a biscuit with melted butter dripping onto your fingers, but Very Well Medical reports that Pillsbury Biscuits may contain an additive called, potassium bromate, a chemical with carcinogenic potential.

Pillsbury Biscuits are banned in the EU.

Mountain Dew

You might think that the 77 grams of sugar makes this the culprit in some countries, or maybe the 91mg of caffeine.

While neither of those ingredients is good for us, Mountain Dew is banned in countries like Austria, Finland, and Norway because of the Yellow #5.

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