Some guys have all the luck.

Did you hear about the New Jersey man who won a giant lottery prize after a fortune cookie predicted it?

The last fortune cookie I got said, "Writing is a craft, not an art.”

What kind of fortune is that?

New Jersey Man Followed Fortune Cookie's Advice to a Big Win

The New Jersey man finished his lo mein dinner recently, then opened a fortune cookie and read the message, "Believe in miracles..".

Days later, this lucky guy, who wants to remain anonymous, bought a New Jersey Lottery ticket for the CASH4LIFE game and his miracle came true.

The man's ticket matched all five of the five white balls drawn and won $1000 a week for life! Believe in miracles, my man. Wow!

The fortune cookie guy opted to take the cash value of the ticket, which is $1 million. He plans to use the money for a happy retirement and lots more Chinese food, I'm betting.

The Fortune Cookie Method to Playing the Lottery Has a History

The New Jersey Lottery points out this isn't the first time someone has used the insights from a fortune cookie to win a lottery game.

In 2018, a NJ Lottery player won $1,000,000 playing numbers from his fortune cookie.

In 2005, 100 players all won $100,000 or more playing Powerball when they all used the same numbers from an identical printed batch of fortune cookie papers.

Since 2004, the NJ Lottery says at least 146 unique lottery winners have won more than $406 million in prizes using fortune cookie numbers.

Meantime, my fortune cookie last weekend gave me this handy tip.

“If I bring forth what is inside me, what I bring forth will save me.” What? What does that even mean? How about some winning lottery numbers?

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