New Jersey State Police, concerned friends, and family of Ken Weis, an Elmer man who has been missing since Monday are asking for your help locating him.

Weis began making concerning Facebook posts on Monday and those who know him think he may be in real trouble. From Ken's posts and friends' comments, it seems that Weis has been living outside, perhaps in Parvin State Park in Pittsgrove, recently.

According to a Facebook post, Weis' family and the NJ State Police are desperately trying to find him.

His last known location was in the woods at Parvins State Park and then in the Vineland area around 4:30pm yesterday, Monday, 7/11/22. It’s unknown if he’s on foot or if he has a vehicle.


If you have seen Ken Weis recently, or have any information concerning him, call NJ State Trooper Brady at the Bridgeton State Police barracks at 856-451-0101.

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