It's that time of year again. We are cleaning out the junk from kitchen cabinets, and starting that new workout routine to finally follow through with our resolution to get healthier and shed some weight this year.  

Good news, that goal doesn’t necessarily require a total lifestyle overhaul.Small baby steps can make a huge difference.  We’ve  got 5 changes you can make for a slimmer and healthier you.  Rather than attempting to do all at once, pick one at a time and then add another when you are ready.  You will eventually begin to form healthier habits.

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    Take a look at your plate and the colors on it. One of the best ways to monitor weight loss is by watching what you eat. Half of your plate should be vegetables, one quarter is protein and one quarter is starch. By putting the proper proportions on your plate you are monitoring everything and plating more of the good stuff.

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    Have Healthy Snacks Ready

    Prepare your snacks in advance. It's much easier to eat badly when we are hungry or feeling ready for a snack but aren't able to put our hands on something that will benefit our bodies. It helps to have a healthier choice ready than to resort to eating junky foods. Keep a mini bag of mixed nuts or fruit nearby.

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    Stop Drinking Extra Calories

    Alcoholic beverages such as wine or beer can count as a starch. Similar to the plating method each drink can replace a starch from your plate. Drinks like juice and soda have empty calories. Is it worth it?

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    Journal Your Meals

    Use a food journal or an app on your phone to track what you've eaten. You can use your food tracker to see what happened when you did well, or on days you didn't...keeping track of this will help you make healthier choices and monitor your progress. It is one of the most effective proven ways to lose weight.

  • 5

    Reward Yourself!

    You deserve it. Give yourself something you want (not food-related) as a reward for your hard work and persistence. You will feel accomplished and encouraged to stick to your goals and continue shedding the extra pounds.

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