We have all heard the terms early bird or night owl but most of us have not heard the word chronotype.  So what does it mean? It is our natural biological rhythm based on our DNA.  Clinical psychologist Michael Breus, author of “The Power of When" and founder of TheSleepDoctor.com, says there are four basic chronotypes. He categorizes them as the Dolphin, Lion, Bear, and Wolf.

Discovering our chronotype can give us insights into our body’s unique programming. Syncing our schedule with our natural tendencies may help us sleep easier each night and be more productive during the day. Dr. Breus offers short online quizzes to help you learn more about your sleep habits. There is a chronotype quiz and a snoring quiz.  I took the chronotype quiz, and I am a bear, the most common type and supposedly something good.  Take either quiz to learn more about your sleeping patterns.


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