Are you getting enough fiber in your diet ? Studies have found that those who have diets that are higher in fiber than others have a lower risk of chronic diseases such as stroke or cancer and death  compared with people who have a low fiber intake.

Fiber is a great way to help prevent heart disease, digestive problems and cancer while helping control cholesterol, blood sugar, and weight gain. The average American gets an average of about 15 grams a day instead of the recommended 25-30. Fiber can be added to your diet with everyday items that can be found in your fridge.

While whole grain foods and fruits and vegetables are a great way to add fiber, here are some quick and surprising ways to add fiber into your diet:

  • Foxys_forest_manufacture, Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Foxys_forest_manufacture, Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Greek Yogurt

    Greek yogurt made into a parfait with whole grain granola, nuts and berries can add a few grams of fiber into your diet.

  • monticelllo, Getty Images/iStockphoto
    monticelllo, Getty Images/iStockphoto


    A cup of any variety of beans is a great choice of fiber that can range from 19-29 grams per serving.

  • SawBear, Getty Images/iStockphoto
    SawBear, Getty Images/iStockphoto


    Avocado spread on toast or slices added to a sandwich can add 10 grams of fiber into your diet.

  • Hans Verburg, Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Hans Verburg, Getty Images/iStockphoto


    Pears can be eaten raw or in salads or poached in wine or pomegranate juice for dessert.

  • Arx0nt, Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Arx0nt, Getty Images/iStockphoto


    Made of Chickpeas and spices, hummus makes a great fiber filled snack and when paired with whole-wheat pita the fiber is boosted even more

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