It has always been important to have a regular meal schedule, but since we are all off of our normal routine, that is a little more difficult to do during these unusual times. Eating healthy meals at consistent intervals is vital to maintaining good digestion and a healthy weight.

When we are going into work or getting kids off to school, we generally have the same routine, breakfast in the morning, a lunch break, and then dinner in the evening after work. Today, most of us have a completely different schedule, which unfortunately means we are much closer to the fridge and pantry! Whether out of boredom,  stress, or habit,  it is much easier now to eat the wrong foods at the wrong time.

So what can we do? Here are three easy tips to keep you on track when it comes to eating healthy on a regular schedule.


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    Make a Grocery List

    To stay on a good meal schedule while at home, it all starts with the grocery list. We need to make sure that we are getting enough food for our meals and a few snacks for the week. There is no reason to keep an unnecessary amount of snacks and food in the house because all they will do is tempt us.

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    Plan Ahead

    Plan out your meals for the week and figure out what you want to eat in advance.  While it may not be exact, make a plan to have a healthy mix of protein, good fat and fiber-rich carbohydrates at each meal.  Allow yourself a couple of snacks and maybe one treat for the week. This will help you stop overeating and make sure you are eating meals instead of just snacking all day.

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    Set Your Schedule

    Another thing you can do is make a real-time schedule that you will stick to. Although we are off of our regular routine, wake up and go to bed at the same time every day and plan out your meal times accordingly. Schedule breakfast, lunch, a late afternoon snack, and dinner.  If you need a reminder, set an alarm on your cell phone or another timer.

    If you find you are still hungry, drink some water. Sometimes we mistake hunger for thirst,  so drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated.

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