So far there is not a lot of information on the new variants of coronavirus which can leave some of us wondering what exactly we should be doing to help protect ourselves from these new strains. It has been reported that these strains may be more contagious but not necessarily more deadly, but we are still learning more.

The two vaccines we now have require two shots. The new Johnson and Johnson vaccine is easier to store and only requires one shot. Experts say our current vaccines may offer some protection against the new strains.  

We also got good news this week on the Astra Zeneca vaccine. New analysis shows not only does the vaccine protect against symptomatic COVID-19 infections, but it could also significantly curb transmission, making it a potentially very effective tool for bringing an end to this virus.

Hopefully, these new vaccines will be approved soon in our country, ho we need to continue to protect ourselves, especially from these new strains. One way to do that is to wear either a medical-grade surgical mask or double up on cotton masks and of course, we need to keep practicing social distancing and wash our hands frequently. 

Who knew last March when this really hit us that we would still be dealing with it today? I know we are all tired of it, but we’re getting closer to tackling this virus so please hang in there and keep the faith. If you live in New Jersey and have not signed up for your COVID-19 vaccine, you can do so here

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