Jim Gardner, a Philadelphia legend in his own right, recently threw out the first pitch at a Phillies game. Watch and see how the Action News anchor handled the challenge, plus hear him calling some of the game.

After about 46 years, Gardner is approaching his retirement from 6abc. He still helms the 6 p.m. Action News broadcast, but has already handed off 11 p.m. duties to his successor, Rick Williams.

To celebrate what his presence and delivery of local news has brought to the City of Brotherly Love for so long, Gardner got to throw out the first pitch at this past Sunday's Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park.

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Some celebrities completely botch their opportunity, not making the plate or throwing nowhere NEAR it. So, how did Jim Gardner do? Well, before making his way to the mound, he told 6abc sports reporter Jamie Apote it's the most terrified he's ever been!

6abc Philadelphia/YouTube
6abc Philadelphia/YouTube

Watch below!

Nailed it! Turns out Jim was reportedly a pretty awesome baseball player back in high school.

Gardner also spent some time in the Phillies broadcast booth. You can listen to him call some of the Phillies action against the New York Mets below.

To say we will miss Jim Gardner when he finally does retire is an UNDERSTATEMENT, myself especially. I don't know my life without him delivering me the news!

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