Contaminated fuel, possibly containing flood water that seeped into the underground tank, damaged approximately 20 cars using a South Jersey gas station.

Contaminated Fuel Damages Cars at South Jersey Gas Station

6ABC reports that a Camden, NJ gas station sold contaminated fuel Wednesday afternoon to about two dozen vehicles, immediately causing engine trouble. By Wednesday night, a sign on the pump said, "Sorry No Gas", but the damage was already done.

Contaminated Gas Was Sold After the Road Reopened From Flooding

The bad gas at the Conoco station on Admiral Wilson Boulevard in Camden was sold in about 30 minutes. The road had been closed most of the day because of flooding from the Tuesday night/Wednesday morning storm.

After the road reopened at about 4:30 pm, the station began selling gasoline, and many of the cars began to break down before they even drove away from the Conoco station.

A gas station employee told Action News they wrote down the names and numbers of those who were impacted to pay for their repairs.

A Hazmat Team Was Called to the Gas Station

Camden City officials are investigating if flood water somehow seeped into the station's underground gas tanks. A hazmat crew was on the scene to guarantee that no one else purchased the fuel.

The Camden Division of Weights & Measures says the business could face fines if it's determined the gasoline was contaminated.

"We have teams investigating the possibility of water contamination in the underground storage tanks due to flooding caused by the storm and we will continue to update the public as needed.


What to Do If Your Vehicle Was Impacted

Chances are that if you purchased contaminated fuel, you would be having engine trouble.

If you did buy gas Wednesday at the Conoco gas station on Admiral Wilson Boulevard,  you can call the Camden County Division of Weights and Measures at 856-374-6001 or the Camden City Division of Weights and Measures at 856-757-7131.

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