Crohn's Disease usually develops gradually and becomes worse over time. An upset stomach and changes in bathroom habits are just some of the symptoms that are often for mistaken for other conditions.  There are many more signs you should know.

Diarrhea, abdominal cramps, blood in your stool, fatigue, a fever, weight loss, a loss of appetite, a feeling for frequent bowel movements, and feeling like your bowels aren't empty after a bowel movement are all possible early symptoms of Crohn's disease.

Although it is possible for these symptoms to come on quickly and dramatically, it is rare. These symptoms are often mistaken for symptoms of another condition, such as, an allergy, upset stomach, or food poisoning - so it is very important to go to your doctor if your symptoms persist.

As Crohn's progresses you may also experience inflammation in your joints and skin, ulcers occurring on various parts of the body. Early diagnosis and detection can help you avoid severe complications as well as begin treatments early, so if you are experiencing these ongoing symptoms it is very important to see a doctor.

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