Okay so picture this:

I am driving down Route 9 in Northfield to get to work and on the way, I have to suddenly jerk my wheel to the left to avoid hitting a bike rider who is in the middle of the road lollygagging through the intersection. It was scary.

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And to clarify, the person was not even riding said bike. They were slowly pushing themselves forward little by little with her feet in the middle of a main road when the traffic light was GREEN!

To be honest, I am lucky I saw them at the last second.

So to that bike rider:

Please, please, PLEASE....for the love of all that is good and pure...DON'T DO THIS AGAIN!

If you are going to cross the road, do so with haste. It is not a place to hang out.

God forbid I had to swerve at a sharper angle this morning, I may have been able to avoid you but at the cost of hitting another vehicle.

Cross when the light says to cross. Cross quickly. Be aware of your surroundings.

And I promise...as a driver...I will do everything in my power to do the same.

I don't think you realize just how lucky we both are that there was not a worse outcome this morning while you were on the road.

Get home safely everyone.

With all my love,

Nicole S. Murray.

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