Hi everyone.

Okay, I know this is a touchy subject so just hear me out before you dismiss this post.

In the past, I have seen people on the streets of large cities preaching their beliefs that revolve around the Bible. Well now, they are starting to preach to the crowds on our Jersey Shore boardwalks.

So here is the thing... I understand that a very important part of this country is to be able to have your own beliefs and voice those beliefs. It is your right. It is all of our rights.

Here is my problem with it. There are two major parts:


Next to no one will be recruited to your cause by preaching on the boardwalk. If anything, you are trying to push your beliefs onto me and if I wanted to learn about the Bible, I would go to a church.

And you know those people who knock on your door hoping to recruit you from the church? This is the same idea. You don't need to bring the beliefs to us. We know they are there and will come to you if and when the time comes.


I know that it is not my place to tell anyone what to believe. However, a common theme that is being preached on our boardwalks that I have personally heard are messages revolving around exclusion and hatred.

They talk about same-sex marriage like it is an abomination and you know what? If that is what you want to believe that is your prerogative. But you do not need to bring this hatred to a public place where people from all walks of life are just trying to relax and enjoy their funnel cake.

Everyone, whether they align with your beliefs or not, has the right to hit the boardwalk without being publicly mocked.

I think there is one key thing to keep in mind here: R E S P E C T. So let's keep it kind and respectful and the world will be a much better place.

Thank you,

Nicole Murray

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