Outdoor dining has officially kicked off at the Jersey Shore and it looks like a lot of residents are taking advantage!

However, with privilege comes responsibility and as a former sever, there is something I want to say that I hope you all remember whenever you go out and about.

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And I am not talking about throwing $5.00 on top of the bill's total. When you go out to eat, you should be tipping AT LEAST 20%.

And for a few reasons....

First, even though restaurants are allowed to do outdoor dining, they are only able to fill a limited number of tables.

This not only means less income for the restaurants, but less money for the servers.

As a server, you make your money by being quick, efficient and flipping tables. If your section is minimized from 5 tables to 3, obviously your total amount of tips at the end of the night will be much less.

Second, once restaurants start to reopen, servers are not longer able to collect unemployment.

This means that they either put on a face mask and hope for the best, or let their monthly bills rack up.

Now don't mistake what I am saying: Yes, you deserve to receive quality service but we are not in normal times right now.

Management, servers, hosts, cooks and all other restaurant staff are anxious because they must interact with dozens of people each day to make a living -- even though there is still a pandemic going on.

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You may have to wait for your table because the restaurant MUST clean between each group of customers.

Your drink may take an extra minute. Keep in mind that every time you ask for something, the server must go inside the restaurant to grab it and then come back outside to drop it off.

Your steak may not come out exactly how you asked for it to be cooked.

Your side of mayo may have slipped the server's mind.

If you are someone who would get super upset at any of these common mishaps, it is not your time to go out to eat.

Please treat your restaurant staff with respect. For you, it may be a frustrating meal but for the server, it can be so much more than that.

I have gone home crying to my mom in the past because people can be so aggressive. Don't be that guy.....or girl.....

I thank you and have a lovely weekend.

Nicole S. Murray

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