New Jersey has a lot of silly laws, and by now we all know most of them.

Silly but Real Laws

For some reason, we're not allowed to pump our own gas.  We're the only state in the country with that law.   We have a bag law that was meant to cut down on plastic use, but wound up creating new concerns about new reusable bags that consume even more plastic.

Speaking of plastic, how about the law that prohibits the use of plastic straws?  It used to be that plastic straws were sealed in paper.  Now we use paper straws sealed in plastic.

There are a few laws that pertain to our driving, and I'll bet you didn't even realize you were breaking the law.

NJ Drivers are Required to Honk Their Horn Before Passing

For instance, did you know that when you pass someone, you are required to honk your horn?  And not just cars either.  If you pass a bicycle or someone walking by the road, you're required to honk your horn.    

They say that this is required so that those around you know you're approaching.  I think if you did this in most areas, you're bound to start a fight.  This law has been around since 1928.

NJ Safe Passing Law

More recently, the state enacted another law in the name of safety.  It's called, The Safe Passing Law.  It was passed in 2022 and states,

  1. On a single-lane road, drivers must allow at least a 4-foot safety zone when they pass.
  2. If 4 feet is not possible on a section of road, drivers must slow to 25mph and be prepared to stop until they can pass safely without endangering those sharing the road.

I did a non-scientific experiment this afternoon on Route 9, and when I passed or was passed by another vehicle, the distance was no more than 3 feet.

Finally, did you know that if you're convicted of DUI in New Jersey, you will no longer be allowed to purchase vanity plates for your vehicle?  So getting plates like IB-BAD or DUI-AMI is out of the question.

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