The Cape May County Zoo announced Wednesday that a big supporter had left his entire estate to the zoo.

Charles Muller, who died in 2022 at age 93 donated over $1.4 million to the zoo.

Man Leaves Cape May Zoo Its Largest Single Donation Ever

The Cape May County Zoo has made many people happy over the years with its fascinating collection of animals that can be seen at no charge.

Charles Muller was one of those happy people.

The Edison, NJ man and his wife Elizabeth had been visiting the zoo since the early 2000s. The couple were especially fond of Rocky, the Siberian tiger, who died in 2017.

After Elizabeth died in 2010, Muller became friends with Michael Laffey, the former Director of Parks for Cape May County.

When Charles Muller died in 2022, Laffy was named the executor of his estate.

Michael Laffey worked to help liquidate assets from the estate, with the final amount totaling $1,425,789,59, according to Cape May County.

That is the single largest donation since the zoo opened in 1978.

How the Money Will Be Used By Cape May Zoo

Charles Muller asked that his money be used to benefit the zoo by providing food, medical care, and habitats and exhibits for the animals.

The zoo is undergoing a series of renovations this year, including expanding the parking lot and the demolition of the aviary. Construction of a new exhibit on that site is set to begin late next year.

Cape May Park and Zoo offers free year-round admission to a collection of more than 550 animals representing 250 species in 85 acres of exhibits.

The zoo is open every day of the year except Christmas on Rt. 9 in Cape May Court House.

Cape May County Commissioner Leonard Desiderio said the zoo has come to rely on the support of its friends.

We are extremely fortunate to have friends of the zoo from around the country and from all walks of life who love the zoo as much as we do."

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