What's not to love about jelly beans? If you're a jelly bean lover, then the list of the most popular jelly bean flavors in America is just for you, and just in time for Easter!

The list, that comes from Candy Store.com, is 10 years in the making and is based upon sales data from over 12,000 jelly bean lovers. Oh and just in case you want to impress your friends, over 16 billion jelly beans will be consumed this Easter.

According to the list, the most popular jelly bean in America for Easter 2018 is Buttered Popcorn which replaces my least favorite flavor Black Licorice which comes in at number 2. Cinnamon, Watermelon and Cherry round out the Top 5.

When it comes to New Jersey, Black Licorice again comes out on top, followed by Peach and Cherry.

Even though my boys are older now, my wife and I still have Easter baskets for them complete with chocolate rabbits, Peeps, and yes, you guessed it - lots of jelly beans!

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